Winter 2023

Posted by Boundary Bay Bluebacks on Jan 16 2023 at 07:20PM PST

Welcome to 2023 & the second half of winter maintenance!

We’re pretty excited to see all the little ones in the B3s joining us this year, since having B3s during the winter is new for our summer swim club.

For those of you that are new, keep in mind that this is the off-season for us. May is when the fun really starts! Lots and lots of swimmers, coaches, fun, and meets (for some). Check out our website and the parent handbook if you want to know more and haven’t already.

If you have anything you want to ask or discuss, please reach out to me:, or to our Head Coach or there’s almost always a seasoned parent hanging around the pool as we pick and and drop off our kids, so feel free to reach out! (just please don’t go on deck unless directed by staff ).

The board is working hard to get everything ready for the summer! Registration will be prioritized for returning swimmers, so keep an eye on your email, facebook page and instagram.

To the seniors doing their National Lifeguard class – you’re awesome!

To our volunteer swimmers – thank you! you have been outstanding all winter!