Meet the Coaches - Sunday April 25th at 6pm

Posted by Boundary Bay Bluebacks on Apr 25 2021 at 02:32PM PDT

Hey Bluebacks,

Here is the zoom link for this Sunday’s Meet the Coaches Night:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 626 1894 3224

Passcode: 187111

Please note that the meeting starts at 6:00pm and not 7:00pm like the original email stated.

A heads up for the meeting too. Please join with the email you signed up with on active since we will be going into small groups (and your email is what will sort you). These are your practice groups and your coach will say a few things about what they expect this summer and what practices will look like.

For families that have multiple swimmers; You have been sorted as a collective into one of the coach’s sessions. Priority was given to the new coaches (Olivia & Isabel) since they are most likely the ones you would like to hear from BUT in an effort to not overwhelm them with hosting everyone in the club, returning families were sent to other rooms. In the rare case you had both new coaches we flipped a coin, drew straws and did “eenie meenie miney mo” to place you with a coach.

Thank you,

Mike & Jeanelle
Lead Coaches, Boundary Bay Bluebacks